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These are writings that I dedicated my time to articulate. These can range from assignments, essays, and philosophy. I also maintain a blog where I keep my less elaborate writings.

Book Review: Giorgio Agamben’s State of Exception

Phenomenology of Art: Overcoming the Specters of Platonism, Newtonism, and Cartesianism

Man is The Measure of All Things: The Epistemology of Sophistic Relativism

A History for Life and Affirmation: An Adoption of Nietzsche’s Extra-Morality in History

Kuhn’s Paradigms: The Problem of Metaphysical Commitments, Objectivity, and History

Leibniz’s God and Metaphysics: A Foundation for Free Will and Morality

Human Redemption with Nature in Nietzsche’s Birth of Tragedy

Knowledge of The Body and Desire

Abonnés and Ballet Dancers in Room 816

Despotic Dominion and Sovereignty: Hobbesian Account of Authority and Servitude

Reconciling Marxism with Feminism: Accounting the Woman Class Struggle

Modernity and its Latent Discontents

Theories of Marx and Lukács: The Reification of Laws of Nature and Social Labor

The Phenomenology of Hegel’s Master-Slave Dialectic: The Servile Prerequisite for Freedom

Marx on Private Property and Human Nature

Art Objects as a Space for Sensus Communis

The Un-Comprehended Modernity

The Structure and Eurhythmy of Music

The Demise of Contemplation and the Rise of Intellectual Labour

Hegel’s Inner and Outer Apprehension


Hume on Impressions and Causation

The Finite Cogito

The Instrumentality of Rhetoric and Teaching

Becoming Less Domesticated

Moral Systems and their Confrontations

An Artist is a Neural Synapse Manifesto

The Netherlandish Painters: Jan van Eyck and Robert Campin