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Stardust Music Composer

Interactive Music Composition Tool

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Stardust Music Composer is an experiment that emphasizes on interactivity and visualization and combining it with music composition. Current Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software used for music production by professionals, does not incorporate any aspects of interaction outside of the technical realm. This experimental project seeks to add a visual element to the music production process and combine it with an interactive aspect.

The user interacts with the interface by pressing keys that trigger audio loop samples. As the samples play music loops, the user can open a drum machine sequencer and compose a drum pattern and allowing a musical and a visual performance to be produced at the same time.

The visualization is composed of many particles that act like stardust. When there is a peak in the audio levels, a point of gravity is added in the visualization to which all the particles become attracted to. The user can also click on the visualization and interact with the particles. This is perhaps the most important aspect of the music composition that the experiment seeks to emphasize on. Interaction can be just as important as the process of music composition.