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Multiverse Clockwork

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For this creative coding project I wanted to replicate the animations from the 70’s. This is the time when A Clockwork Orange (1971), a movie based on Anthony Burgess’s novel was filmed. During that time, Computer Graphics (CG) first started to emerge and I wanted to create an animation that would encompass the aspects of early CG within the context of the movie. As if the mix was not enough, I also decided to include a few animations that would envision the theory of multiverses. The multiverse theory concepts in the animations are influenced by Jim Holt’s book called Why Does the World Exist?.

The animation starts with the original ClockWork theme melody which signifies the low complexity of one universe. This part of the animation is meant to be literal. As the music progresses into a more progressive form, the animations become more intricate, abstract, and complex. The translation of the orange circle came out more literal than the translation of the multiverse concept, which is in parallel with their comprehensibility. This is an attempt to convey the complexity of multiverse theories that are as abstract as the animations that try to represent them. An interesting idea that is related to the multiverses theory, is that we might not be capable of grasping of what is outside our universe since that is beyond our comprehension.