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Physical Object

Hummin on GitHub
Blog Post of the building process

This is a project called “Hummin”, inspired by a humanoid character from Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. The name is pronounced as “human” and was used by a humanoid robot who concealed his benevolent robotic nature from humans, for the sake of maintaining the integrity of the galactic empire. The object consists of what appeared to be a broken CRT cathode tube display and an Arduino. After fiddling around with the electronics, I found some connection areas that influenced the visuals on the screen. I used an Arduino to trigger and flickr these components with the visuals transforming into an outcome.

I repurposed this scrap of electronic parts and created a device that plays music while blinking the display. The aesthetic feel that the cathode tube entails is quite compelling which motivated me to take this project a step further. The plan is to create a procedurally generating music device that displays procedurally generated visuals as well. I’m yet to predict what the final outcome would be. But here is the progress done thus far.