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Flowing Pagoda

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According to the philosophy that this project manifests, everything that constitutes the world, relies on a process of rebirth and decay. Each moment is an experience of our active mind-state. This mind-state allows us to experience thoughts, memories, feelings, and perceptions. The mind-state arises, exists for a certain period of time, and because of its impermanent nature, it eventually decays. But even after it decayed, its process of rebirth will always be on its way. The process thus repeats, just like Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. It is a process that is poetic in its nature.

The consciousness is a continuous series of births and decays. The beauty behind this philosophy, is that despite the abundant number of decaying processes in the natural world, rebirth always remains their most persistent aspect. Even if something seems to be in a state of eternal decay, let one be assured that the cycle may be longer than one might expect.

The animation represents the rebirth and decay process in the context of seasons. As the Pagoda flows through the seasons, it is aware that a day will come when it no longer stands. Its existence will someday become annihilated, but it’s only temporary. The seasons that accompany the pagoda, are reminders of the consistent rebirth/decay cycle. After the pagoda’s fall and eventual decay, the process of rebirth would immediately follow. It might come soon, or an eternity will pass before. But the seasons have thought the pagoda a few virtues - patience and persistence. By embracing these virtues, the pagoda flourishes and continues through this natural process with its marvelous and poetic spirit.

The inspiration for this project was drawn from the movie called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) directed Ang Lee who is very well known for directing Life of Pi (2012).