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Experimental Motion Picture

9x6 on Soundcloud

9x6 is a project that came to life in a passive manner which led it to become personal and expressive. It embraces certain aspects of my biography that make simple questions like ”where’s home for you?” to be tedious and difficult questions to answer. This clip was filmed in New York and Miami, FL. One was my birthplace, and the other is a place where I grew up partially during my early childhood.

New York is the geographical coordinate that marks my birthplace, yet, it is a place where I haven’t lived since the age of 3. Until I was 9, Miami was the place where I spent the most part of my childhood. But even during this period, my summers and part of fall where spent in Russia. After I turned 10, countries like Italy and Malta where also poured into the blending mixer of what I could define as my home.

As a young adult, I now reside in a place that was once resided when I was an infant (in New York) while occasionally spending my holidays in the same place where I spent my early childhood (in Miami). Since then many things have changed, and many lines where added to my biography. I’m at a age where the only way I could re-define a place as my new home, is spending significant amount time in that place. But even the places where I once spent my early life, seem to have a depleted potential to be proclaimed as my only home. It is as if I’m living in a new place where some memories from my past life sometimes spark among my memories. The clip expresses the marvel of the places that where once considered to be home, yet, they are made by an observer that can refer to himself as a visitor. The flight from New York to Miami in a way, also reflects my biographical pilgrimage for traveling the same path I traveled when I was an infant.

The final edit was a series of 9 projects that I did for my studies at Parsons. This particular project accidentally turned out to be the 6th which resembled the year of my birth - 96. So the name stayed, and the biographic significance was added to the outcome.