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Winter on the Dark Side of the Moon

On day,
Upon the melting snow,
The winter,
Proclaimed a promised vow;

Although, it said,
Summer will come soon,
My presence will remain,
As I hide behind the moon.

And so today the winter peaked out as I felt it coming out behind the moon. It is unusually cold for Miami and from what I heard, North Carolina received some snow, which was most likely a shock for the locals there.

The weather in California too, seems to have gone out of its usual. There is a massive storm going on there releasing all the water that was desperately needed following after the drought that occurred during the recent years.

As a person who has never been to California, it might be interesting why I’m so informed about the weather there. Well, I spend an hour every day memorizing the weather in 25 main cities across the globe… No, I don’t. It’s just that I have been impatiently waiting for SpaceX’s resume to flight after their rocket exploded on September 1st, and their Iridium NEXT 1-10 satellite launch was supposed to happen tomorrow, in California. Now it got delayed until Saturday, January 14th.

I think I might be more invested in the company than I should be. I regularly check the news about it, even thought its activities will most likely not effect me for as long as I live. But it might pave the future for my children, if of course I decide to have any (more on that possibly later).

But that being said, maybe that was the sound of the winter as it stopped hiding behind the moon, and got back to Earth to bring the cold for Miami, and rain storms for California. Now its time for humanity to learn how to get there. Once we are on our way, it should be spring, since that is the time when winter goes hiding and can give us a hitchhike. No wonder why the Apollo 11 mission (first landing on the moon) was held during summer. We always like to explore where it is colder and unusual, when its warmer home. Things just don’t work as smoothly after winter comes back from its holiday from the Dark Side of the Moon.