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Lazy Belated Resolutions

While on a run along the beach that stretches along the beach coast between Bal Harbour and Surfside (Miami, FL), I thought of what if I start a journal using Jekyll, which is a customizable blogging platform that transforms text into websites. Hopefully the technicality behind it will be left out for the most part of this journal. But it is worth noting that I’m using it to build my new portfolio website.

The day started in a very lazy. I woke around 10, and while I had a bunch of things that I wanted to do, I ended doing none. And so 2017 resolutions begin, which I haven’t come up with, at least not strictly in a written form. For the most part, it is reading 2 books per month which I sort of slacked on last year. Also:

  • Find an Internship for summer
  • Run 365 miles (570 km)
  • Write a piece per month
  • Maintain a digital journal that is always available as a point of reference. (2-3 days/entry min)
  • Start considering about writing a book establish a background for creative and specialized fields after graduation. Also a good way to wrap up higher education and dedicate my parents in the book.
  • Register for better classes

Now as I’m following these steps, I should finish reading Hannah Arendt’s Human Condition and continue with it. Today I learned about human Action which is one of the five sections of the book. The previous was one was Work and the one before Labour. Basically the book it self is a very good roundup of Marxist thought, but Arendt’s critique is not against capitalism, but about something more interesting and intriguing, such as what is the human state of existence when our life is engaged in an economic and laboring form of life. What does it mean that we are rewarded with land or commodities after contributing our labour. Although the book can be seen as anti-capitalist to many extents, one can also chose a much more radical point of view, such as, looking at it from an alienated point of view, or at least imagine that you as reader, have no stake in the future of humanity. Such a position invites one to get a naked view of the human nature, an be tempted to strip all the inventions ever made by the human kind, and leave the human in the wilderness — where his existence will be striped from the artificial human world; mediated by technology, language, politics, labour, and economies.