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Another Lazy Day

Today was another lazy day in Miami, FL. The weather was partially cloudy in the beginning before it started to rain. But before it did, I managed to quickly fulfill my daily needs by taking 2 mile run along the beach trail.

When it rained however, I decided to take my Nikon D610 camera that I got two years ago and take a few clips of the overcast weather. For some reason, I found overcast weather (the type which is on the verge of releasing rain drops) to always be the most magnificent weather to me. It makes the day look dull, invites me to reflect, while not being immersed in a world where everything is sunny and perfect, but in its opposite equivalent; a world where things are not colorful, where things are perceived according to their dull image; which frequently reflects on how the image ought to be perceived.

Two years ago, in 2014 when I got my camera, I started to take more picture than I did before, but I also experimented with film. By using a 50mm prime lens with a 1.4 aperture allowed me to reproduce a cinematic feel in my videos. I even made separate folder on my computer called CLIPS where I would store 100’s of GB of video fragments. But then I stoped doing these. So I decided to resume today.

I ended up filming the beach and the ocean along with a pier. The ocean’s water was surprisingly calm today. In fact, I have never seen it this calm. It was like a lake, mirroring the dull image of the overcast weather which I find so fascinating.