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Poetic Sentences


Vessels sailing towards a place,

What will it be? — a question refuges can’t face.

A better future or a better home,

The vessel — trades packages of hope.

Difference between People

Difference between People, difference there is not

All people are the same,

One is green and one is blue,

But color is one and so is hue.

Little pieces of me, Little pieces of this world

Little pieces of me, Little pieces of meat.

Little pieces to repair, when little pieces are in despair.

Little people in this world, seeking for some little gold.

Little pieces of this world, are being valued and distold.

Absence of Intelligence

Absence of human intelligence — great to have not.

If a person were to have intelligence none,

And view things without а haughty thought

Without prejudice and doubt,

Then the world would be a better place,

For a flourishing human race.