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Hi, this is Michael 👋🏼

Michael is a creative technologist, a philosopher, and an activist. His past works range from creative/experimental projects to speculative new media art installations. His investigations consist of artistic, philosophic, and technologic contexts — that seek to expound and reveal the contemporary human condition — at an era of proliferating ideas that alienate subjectivity from authentic being in the world, digital technologies that transform reality into a simulacra, nihilist and political defeatism in the light of future prospects, death of God, imminent contradictions within the imperialist-colonialist world order, and frequent misrepresentations about the ethics, politics and systems of power that lie beneath the guise of technology (data tracking, AI, social media, biotechnology, space travel, etc.). Michael’s seeks to contribute to the cause of re-affirming collective agency in building a re-imagined egalitarian future where human and non-human exploitation is abolished—where everyone is treated categorically as ends and not as means.

Michael recently finished his undergraduate degree in Design & Technology at Parsons School of Design and is currently he is pursuing a second undergraduate degree in Philosophy at Eugene Lang set to be completed in May 2019.

Latest Writings

Book Review: Giorgio Agamben’s State of Exception

Phenomenology of Art: Overcoming the Specters of Platonism, Newtonism, and Cartesianism

Man is The Measure of All Things: The Epistemology of Sophistic Relativism

A History for Life and Affirmation: An Adoption of Nietzsche’s Extra-Morality in History

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Latest Blog Posts

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Latest Work

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